Welcome To SGSL Shipping & Logistics Pvt Ltd.

SGSL Shipping is a specialised freight company focusing on world-wide freight forwarding and logistical solutions. Every day, individuals and companies throughout India and across the world rely on SGSL Shipping to seamlessly move their freight around the world.

With a world of experience in expediting international shipments, we understand the complexity of international freight forwarding and work hard to ensure your freight arrives as instructed – whatever it takes – on-time and on-budget.

As Mumbai, based Freight Forwarders, we boast a large international network of shipping agents and can handle all loads from air freight to part containerization of sea freight and full container loads as well as car and boat shipping, project shipments and beyond.

Delivery Any Location

SGSL’s logistics capabilities stem from our understanding of the entire supply chain process. From there, we design a solution to give you the most cost-effective warehousing, freight and shipment tracking.

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All Type of Transports

SGSL offers All Types of competitive Logistics Transport Services and International Logistics Services to meet all your Global Logistic Requirements under one roof. SGSL undertakes all kind of jobs related to Imports or Exports shipment to & from India. Offering every type of Logistics Transport Services Imaginable

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Quality Service

Quality, in logistics, is about having no errors in shipments, low product damage, on-time orders, high productivity, excellent alignment with customer requirements, and full regulatory compliance. At SGSL, it's also about finding ways to constantly move the bar higher.

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