Project / Heavy Lift

We are capable managing and providing total logistics solutions for handling Project cargo which requires experienced / expertise, dedicated and skilled personnel who are committed to any problems that arise when handling complex project forwarding.

We offer Project Cargo Services which includes planning, port feasibility studies, conceptual design of port and other maritime transport projects, trade and traffic forecasts, financing strategies. For the execution of these services ‘out of the box’ thinking is required in order to create and implement effective solutions. We use our global network of dedicated project cargo specialists for the execution if these services from power generation plants, petrochemical and oil refineries and steel mill construction projects to the one - off heavy lift shipment.

Our project cargo and break bulk cargo teams will make themselves available at all times throughout the process to any lengths to ensure the cargo is properly secured and safely stowed on board and delivered securely and in a timely manner.

We offer ODC cargo services as it’s our speciality service and this ranks us among a very few of such specialized service providers. We play a key role in transport of ODC cargos within India as well as Globally. This was possible by leasing ODC trucks as required and by deploying its own dedicated team to conduct road survey to give expertise suggestions for smooth movement of the ODC cargoes.

We specialize in providing customized solutions for the safe conveyance of over dimensional, heavy and bulky cargo. We have been responsible for the movement of cargo that requires unsusal handling.

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